Bracelet ARIA Astrattismo collection - bronze

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Bracelet ARIA Astrattismo collection - bronze

MATERIALS: Plexiglass 3 mm.
DETAILS: Laser cutting/Engraving
INFO: Hypoallergenic (Nickel FREE)

Acrylic Plexiglass Bracelet shaped band , twist and sleek style, abstract art sounds.

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The beautiful collection dedicated to Abstract Art uses curved lines and geometries to create accessories that enhances shapes, lines and colors in an original and appealing design.
As in Kandinsky's Point, line and surface, the basic elements of the form are found in nature and reality and translated into tensions of forces, reports of stillness and movement, dramatic and lyrical tension. The signs this time are not tracked by the brush, but removed from the surface of the Acrylic sheet.
The curved lines of Joan Mirò and the flat surfaces of the Russian Abstract Art are translated into negative compositions of cuts and carvings representing the uniqueness of this brand.

Abstract Art, Liberty and Naturalism. New lines and movements of SOB

Art and design, tradition and innovation are the key elements that characterize the production of SOB. Art history is its main inspiration, the design represents the language, the tradition is in the craftsmanship, innovation is in the selection of materials.

Acrylic is, in fact, the material chosen by the Roman laboratory for the creation of all its products. Is modern and essential, allows working with laser cuts and incisions that give to jewelry an essential and geometric style; moreover it gives uniqueness to each creation because finished handcrafted piece by piece. Therefore each accessory is unique and able to tell itself all steps, manual and mental, which are at the base of the idea.